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Okaloosa Sheriff Larry Ashley UNQUALIFIED For Election As Sheriff-FEDERAL HATCH ACT LAW VIOLATION

Okaloosa Voters Elect HATCH ACT Violator As Sheriff Fort Walton Beach, FL | August 13, 2012--With only 24 hours left until the 2012 Okaloosa County Sheriff election will be decided, will votes reelect Sheriff Larry Ashley, which was elected just two years ago while in violation of the Federal Hatch Act law? Sheridan Lowrey, the Republican candidate seeking to unsaddle Sheriff Larry Ashley, released evidence ...

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Okaloosa Sheriff Candidate Sheridan Lowrey and Elizabeth Smart backs HERO app designed to protect children

A. Sheridan Lowrey II Wants To Give All Children A Free Hero DESTIN, FL | August 9, 2012-With just six days until a new sheriff will be elected in Okaloosa County, the conservative Christian cowboy candidate, Sheridan Lowrey, announced that when he is elected, he will implement a program to give every child with a smart phone their very own free HERO app to prevent kidnapping, assaults and rape. [caption id ...

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Okaloosa County Sheriff Larry Ashley Opposes Gun Owner Rights Protected By 2nd Amendment of US Constitution

Okaloosa County Sheriff Candidate Larry Ashley Fails Constitutional History and Gun Owner Rights Fort Walton Beach, FL 07-24-2012--With the Okaloosa County Sheriff election only three weeks away, Pensacola's WSRE Public Television hosted its election RALLY 2012 candidate forum broadcast live.  Present were Okaloosa County Sheriff Larry Ashley and Republican candidates Austin Sheridan Lowrey II, Steve Menche ...

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Okaloosa County Sheriff Election Cadidate Sheridan Lowrey says the President Obama Birth Certificate is FAKE

Candidate for Okaloosa County Sheriff Not Surprised By Criminal Investigation Revealing FAKE Obama Birth Certificate. Okaloosa County, FL | July 17, 2012--Austin Sheridan Lowrey II, announced today that he is not surprised that a criminal investigation by Arizona's Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio into President Obama's birth certificate revealed that the document is a fake.  Sheriff Arpaio is the outspok ...

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Crestview Police Investigator Tim White Fired For Planting Drugs And Perjury

As Pervasive Okaloosa County Law Enforcement Corruption Continues-Citizens Are Too Afraid To Speak Out CRESTVIEW, FL | June 26, 2012---Citizens in Crestview refused to give comments to reporters investigating yet another officer fired for corruption, perjury and planting drugs. The citizens of Crestview said they were afraid to speak publicly about the Crestview Police Department corruption because they may ...

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Did Crestview Police Officer Joseph Floyd Kill Unborn Baby While Okaloosa Sheriff Larry Ashley Takes No Action?

Crestview Police Officer Joseph Floyd Kills Unborn Baby? Crestview, Florida | June 17, 2012 | 3:00 p.m. Why has no other news outlets reported the Grand Jury Indictment allegations that Crestview Police Major Joseph Floyd is believed to have killed a pregnant women's baby when he used his police cruiser as a deadly weapon? Just like the theft of millions of taxpayer dollars and corruption in the Okaloosa Co ...

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May 28, 2012 Fort Walton Beach, Florida Okaloosa County Sheriff Larry Ashley's humiliating public defeat of his year-long battle to take over of the City of Fort Walton Beach Police Department, through a contract for consolidation of law enforcement services, leaves many residents believing Sheriff Ashley has accepted his defeat graciously. [caption id="attachment_262" align="alignright" width="168" caption ...

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