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Will there be a new sheriff in Destin? A. Sheridan Lowrey II and other candidates discuss Destin as they vie for position as top cop

Will Cowboy A. Sheridan Lowrey II Buck Okaloosa County Sheriff Larry Ashley Out Of His Saddle? DESTIN, FLORIDA | August 8, 2012-Will there be a new sheriff in Destin? A. Sheridan Lowrey II and other candidates discuss Destin as they vie for position as top cop in Okaloosa County, Florida. Austin Sheridan Lowrey II, a Destin, Florida businessman and cowboy from Montgomery, Alabama, makes the front page of th ...

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Okaloosa Tea Party Question Okaloosa County Sheriff Candidates

The Okaloosa County Tea Party Blown Away By Sheriff Candidate Answers Fort Walton Beach, FL | July 25, 2012--Austin Sheridan Lowrey II, shocks the Florida Panhandle Patriots when they submitted questions to each Okaloosa County sheriff candidates requesting their responses.  The group probably never expected such a masterful and expert understanding of constitutional law from political newcomer, Sheridan Lo ...

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Okaloosa Sheriff Candidate Announces US Congress Schedules Parental Rights Constitutional Amendment Hearings

Okaloosa County, Florida | June 13, 2012 CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT MAY GRANT PARENTAL RIGHTS IN FLORIDA Candidate for Okaloosa County Sheriff, Sheridan Lowrey, received confirmation that the parental rights constitutional amendment he has supported will go before the US Congress Committee and be heard on July 19, 2012.  Sheridan is one of the four Okaloosa County sheriff candidates and has pledged to protect ...

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Okaloosa County Sheriff Larry Ashley Bonus Scheme Participation Exposed by Republican Sheriff Candidate Sheridan Lowrey

Sheriff Larry Ashley Makes Taxpayers PAY his Income Taxes On Illegal Bonuses DESTIN, FLORIDA May 23, 2012--Republican Candidate for Okaloosa County Sheriff, Austin Sheridan Lowrey II, exposed current Sheriff Larry Ashley's participation in the Sheriff Office's almost $1.4 million dollar bonus scheme that landed the former Okaloosa County Sheriff, Charlie Morris, in federal prison.  Morris was arrested in Fe ...

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Okaloosa Election News, Candidates and Election Results Coming Soon

Okaloosa County Primary Election Results Destin, Florida | August 14, 2012--The polls have opened and early morning voter turnout has been higher than the 2008 and 2010 primary elections according to Okaloosa Supervisor of Elections, Paul Lux. However, when all the votes from each precinct voting station were tabulated, it was clear that only 27% of the total 123,539 registered voters had actually bothered ...

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