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Sheridan Lowrey False Arrest By Corrupt Okaloosa Sheriff Investigator Roberta Holloway Made Public

Sheridan Lowrey False Arrest By Corrupt Okaloosa Sheriff Investigator Roberta Holloway Made Public

Newspaper Reporter Publishes False Arrest of Sheriff Candidate Sheridan Lowrey-MUGSHOT

DESTIN, FL | June 30, 2012–Local reporter with his own criminal conviction record, Tom McLaughlin of the Northwest Florida Daily News, published a newspaper article Saturday morning claiming Republican candidate for Okaloosa County sheriff, A. Sheridan Lowrey II, is “not unfamiliar with the inside of a jail cell, although he says he’s never been convicted of a crime.” McLaughlin continues stating that the Northwest Florida Daily News’ database of mug shots contains more than one arrest of Austin Sheridan Lowrey II.

The seasoned reporter leads readers to believe this is NEWLY discovered news worthy of coverage, when in fact, Sheridan Lowrey has never concealed that he spent three (3) days in jail and it has been prominently displayed on the first page of sheriff candidate Lowrey’s website, since he filed to run for sheriff on February 15, 2012, almost five months ago.

Lowrey’s bio on his Sheridan For Sheriff website contains the following:

Okaloosa County Sheriff candidate, Austin Sheridan Lowrey II, is the conservative Christian Republican in the 2012 Okaloosa Primary Election

Okaloosa County Sheriff candidate, Austin Sheridan Lowrey II, is the conservative Christian Republican in the 2012 Okaloosa Primary Election

In 2010, he was the victim of the intentional false arrest by corrupt law enforcement personnel in the Okaloosa Sheriff’s office; who themselves, was actually convicted of a crime against underage children in Niceville in 1996, only four (4) years before being hired by the Sheriff’s office. Pursuant to Florida’s Jessica Lunsford Act, this corrupt Okaloosa Sheriff’s Deputy is not allowed on school grounds when children are present, yet this Deputy is the sole recipient a $86,600 grant from the Florida Department of Children and Families for Specialized Law Enforcement of Domestic and Sexual Violence, which requires this deputy to respond to our schools when teachers make reports to Florida’s Child Abuse hotline.

He was subject to a false arrest just like George Funti, who settled his law suit against Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office for $75,000. Sheridan and Mr. Funti were both falsely arrested in Walton County within just two months of each other on “NO BOND” warrants; then held for extradition, shackled in leg irons, waist chains & handcuffs; placed in a prisoner transport bus and sent to the Okaloosa County jail only to undergo another 2nd booking. Both men spent three days in jail for crimes they never committed. At his First Appearance Bond Hearing, Sheridan was released by an Okaloosa County Judge on nothing more than a signature bond, which could have been done without him being locked up for three days.

To add further insult to the injuries both men sustained by the Sheriff’s Office wrongful arrests, websites all over the internet have collected these wrongfully arrested men’s booking information and mug shots from Okaloosa County Department of Corrections; and publicly posted it on numerous websites. To this day, Mr. Funti’s and Mr. Lowrey’s mugshots are still floating around the net, even after the Florida State Attorney has filed court documents stating that neither men committed any crime what so ever. Most all of these same mugshot websites have links on them; where for fees of up to $500 or more, they claim they can get these false arrest mugshots removed. However, even if someone were to fall for this possible scam, there is nothing that stops the website owner from posting the same defamatory information on another website, using a different domain name.

Through all this adversity, Sheridan’s ingrained Christian faith, humility and strong character has allowed him to develop a unique perspective and understanding from both inside and outside our jails; of how to better serve his fellow citizens and protect everyone’s unalienable basic human rights to freedom.

Because of these abhorrent violations of his constitutionally protected civil rights, Sheridan recalled what one of our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, declared long ago….“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is libertyI have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

Furthermore, while locked up in jail for three days, Sheridan dwelled on the profound words of our former President Ronald Reagan, who called out to all Americans: “If not us, WHO?”… “If not now, WHEN?

As such, rather than filing a law suit against the Okaloosa Sheriff’s Office that would require the tax-payers to bear the cost of what we believe is Sheriff Larry Ashley’s malfeasance, Sheridan has accepted the call to offer the good and honest citizens of Okaloosa County his service as your next Sheriff.

No longer can Okaloosa County afford para-military tyrant politicians to run the Sheriff’s Office.

As evidence [see below] supporting Lowrey’s claims against Okaloosa Sheriff Deputy Roberta Lowila (Adams) Holloway, he has provided the following documents which appear to show her employment records were falsified by Charlie Morris and his Chief Deputy Philip V. Irish, so that Holloway could become certified by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (“FDLE”) as a sworn deputy.

We have verified that Roberta Holloway is still employed by Sheriff Ashley, even after the falsified documents the Okaloosa Sheriff’s Office produced to FDLE had been fraudulently certified that Adams-Holloway had never been arrest, nor pled guilty to the crimes involving moral turpitude against underage children in Niceville, FL.  Adams-Holloway did plead guilty in April 1996 to the charges against her and has been working with Mr. Lowrey’s estranged wife to prevent him from being awarded sole custody of his baby that was being neglected, abused and burned by the wife. [see]

Okaloosa Sheriff Investigator Roberta Holloway CORRUPTION-FALSE-ARREST

10-06-2010 Okaloosa Assistant State Attorney NO PROSECUTION of Sheridan Lowrey--Court filing

10-06-2010 Okaloosa Assistant State Attorney NO PROSECUTION of Sheridan Lowrey–Court filing

Lowrey also provided the following Court Document filed in the Okaloosa County Clerk of Court on 10-06-2010, by Assistant State Attorney, Albert Ginstead, which states that Holloway’s sworn affidavit of probable cause used to obtain warrants for Lowrey’s arrest alleging false reports to the Florida Department of Children & Families Hotline, were without merit. Lowrey was arrested on June 22, 2010, but never charged for Holloway’s false claims. In fact, the Clerk of Court records shows that on the day Lowrey was to appear before the court to enter his not guilty plea and demand a swift trial by jury, he was removed from the docket. Two months later, the Assistant State Attorney in Shalimar filed the notice of NO PROSECUTION, for the following reason(s): “The specific allegations made by defendant had occurred.”

For unknown reasons, Tom McLaughlin refused to provide readers an accurate and complete picture of true facts which are public record for anyone to obtain at the Clerk’s office.  In fact, Mr. McLaughlin’s story proceeds to state that his search of the Walton County Clerk of Court records returned several cases with LOWREY listed as a “defendant.”  We have reviewed all of the court records McLaughlin cites and not a single one of the civil cases listing LOWREY as a “defendant” did LOWREY loose.  And YES, we, the FBI and Florida Department of Law Enforcement have verified that Mr. Lowrey has never been convicted of a criminal charge in any state.

Mr. Lowrey stated to us that he had wished to keep his personal family crisis a private family matter, but he understands you can’t unring the bell once it’s rung by the likes of what he called a “…so-called reporter.” In fact, we found Mr. Thomas John McLaughlin’s official blogging webpage logo on his employer’s website server states the following:

“T-MAC’S SMACK–Tom McLaughlin is your source for intelligent thought on the Emerald Coast.  I cover lawyers, politicians, salamanders and BP. If it isn’t slimy I want nothing to do with it.”

Well, before Mr. Thomas John McLaughlin began his slithering amongst the “slimy” and throwing stones at Mr. Lowrey, McLaughlin should have read JOHN 8:7, wherein the LORD told those who were about to stone a women to death;

He who is without SIN among you, let him throw a stone at her first.

For you see, like McLaughlin, we took a look at this slithering stone-thrower and quickly found Mr. “T-MAC” as he’s known, has not less than SEVEN (7) cases listed in the Okaloosa County Clerk of Court records, where the STATE OF FLORIDA has named him as the “DEFENDANT” in both criminal and civil cases. In one recent criminal case, Thomas John McLaughlin, DOB 09-13-1962, of 204 4th Street SE, APT C-5, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32458, appears to have had a run-in with the Fort Walton Beach Police Department and in the Okaloosa County Court, McLaughlin later “ENTERED PLEA OF NOLO-CONTENDERE” (no-contest) to a criminal charge of having committed a 2nd Degree Misdemeanor, was then found guilty and sentenced on November 15, 2011. [see criminal conviction of T-MAC below]

View Larger Map

State of Florida vs Thomas John Mclaughlin 2011 Criminal Case No 2011-CT-002828 F


Since the self-proclaimed slithering registered Republican, Thomas J. McLaughlin, an individual who has been convicted of a 2nd Degree Misdemeanor, chose to mislead voters to believe Lowrey has a criminal conviction record,  we are offering a REWARD for any verifiable certified court records that prove Austin Sheridan Lowrey II has ever been convicted, pled no contest or plead guilty to any criminal charges what-so-ever.  It’s time the biased media either put up or shut up!

McLaughlin’s ranting story against Lowrey also mentioned; “And in an advertisement, he accuses State Attorney Bill Eddins of running a bonus kickback scheme similar to the one former Sheriff Charlie Morris used“, referring to the following website story;

After review of the publication McLaughlin referenced, its clear that Lowrey never alleged Eddins engaged in any “KICKBACK” scheme. Evidence of kickbacks are unknown at this time because it is believed that no forensic accounting audit of Eddin’s office has been conducted by any outside law enforcement agencies. The material definitively alleges the State Attorney Bill Eddins and/or others in his office, engaged in the issuance of “UNJUSTIFIED BONUSES” Lowrey believes is a violation of Florida Statue 215.425, which is supported right on the site with the full transcription of Eddins’ criminal investigator, Randy Crowder, one of two State Attorney investigators sent into Okaloosa County to investigate former Sheriff Charlie Morris’ UNJUSTIFIED BONUS scheme.

Inv. Crowder gave sworn testimony that he had received extra income from the State Attorney’s office and had no idea what it was for or what criteria State Attorney Eddins used to dole out the taxpayer funds. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL STORY

The Northwest Florida Daily News story goes on to claim that the Alabama Securities Commission posted a cease and desist order against Lowrey and that “His name pops up as “defendant” several times on the Walton County Clerk of Courts’ website.”

Again, for unexplained reasons, the reporter refused to publish the full story, and instead willfully refused to publish an August 31, 2011 FINAL JUDGEMENT Court Order executed by Walton County Judge Howard LaPorte, in favor of Lowrey, finding that Ms. Terri Hasdorff’s lawsuits against him and his company Celebrity Realty International, Inc. over a business loan were lacking any evidence to meet her frivolous claims.

Additionally, Ms. Terri Lynn Hasdorff filed four (4) formal complaints with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) against Lowrey’s professional licenses and two of his real estate company’s, alleging theft, fraud, engaging in unlicensed activity and other allegations. Mr. Lowrey and his companies endured almost three (3) years of investigations, only to be cleared in late 2011 and Ms. Hasdorff’s claims to be found baseless.  [See DBPR Findings Below]

Tom McLaughlin contacted Mr. Lowrey by email on the morning prior to running the misleading story, asking Lowrey to call him. [SEE EMAIL BELOW]…According to Lowrey, the two men talked via telephone. Then, about 30 minutes later and as a result of McLaughlin’s questions directed to Lowrey about the Cease & Desist Order, he [Lowrey] sent the reporter an email containing a brief description of Ms. Hasdorff’s false claims which were the subject of the cease & desist administrative order; and attached the Walton County Circuit Court’s Final Judgement ruling in favor of Mr. Lowrey and his company along with each of the four (4) final findings of the Florida DBPR investigations.  They spoke again via phone that afternoon and Lowrey says he asked if McLaughlin received the email and attached evidence, wherein the reported confirmed he had.

Nevertheless, McLaughlin refused to include the documents that exonerates Lowrey and his company from any alleged “sale of securities” in violation of the Alabama Securities Act.  Hasdorff’s Walton County Circuit Court lawsuits were  always for collection of a business loan, not investment security litigation.  McLaughlin didn’t even provide basic journalistic ethics when he intentionally omitted the fact that the cease and desist order he published, was a [NON-FINAL] and [NON-CRIMINAL] ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER. In fact, the order sent by certified mail to Lowrey in January 2012, included a NOTICE OF RIGHT TO A HEARING Pursuant to Section 8-6-32, Code of Alabama 1975, which contained a BOLD disclosure that reads as follows:


06-29-2010 Email Exchange Tom McLaughin and Sheridan Lowrey-Candidate for Sheriff Okaloosa County–With HAS…

Mr. Lowrey provided the NWFDN reporter verifiable evidence that Lowrey served two (2) formal written REQUEST FOR HEARING notices upon the Alabama Securities Commission within the 28 days and thus, the order is NOT a final. Mr. Lowrey advised us that he anticipates this matter will be resolved very soon in his favor, but can’t comment any further. He said that:

Ms. Hasdorff lost on every avenue in Florida, in the Circuit Court after being afforded a full trial before Judge LaPorte and then through all of the regulatory agencies strictly governing my professional licenses and companies. It was only after she lost her lawsuit that she changed her story about the business loan and then filed a false complaint with the Alabama Securities Commission alleging it was suddenly an investment, almost five years after the loan was made.  I profoundly regret that one of my real estate companies founded in late-2006 didn’t survive the economic crash that killed millions of businesses and put millions of people out of work in 2007, 2008 and 2009, but I am proud of the manner in which my company attempted to resolve the loan with Ms. Hasdorff, until she sent an email calling me a fraud.  After leveling that kind of serious allegation, she wrote the death certificate for that company and any sort of repayment plan that might have been worked out.

Its because I have always strived to ensure fairness for all concerned, service above self and honesty in everything I do, I was humbly awarded Destin Florida’s first non-military HOMETOWN HERO AWARD at a Red, White and Blue Celebration in 2009. These celebrations at HarborWalk Village are a weekly honoring of a local hero which highlight the efforts of people like myself who go above and beyond, and have demonstrated heroism within their community, professional, or personal life. Most all of the heroes honored are brave men and women serving the military, but each of the recipients are people who bring out the best in all of us.

To have folks try to intentionally destroy one man’s moral character, professional career and political image without one single shred of verifiable or quantifiable evidence is just the same old political assignations that are business as usual for Okaloosa County’s political power brokers and King-Makers.

Mr. McLaughlin and the publisher of the Northwest Florida Daily News, Mr. Tom Conner, have got some serious explaining to do. For you see, it was me who called Mr. Conner on Tuesday morning and asked if they were investigating; or had investigated; allegations that State Attorney Bill Eddins engaged in the issuance of UNJUSTIFIED BONUSES. To which Mr. Conner refused to answer and would only say that their published record speaks for itself.

Well, I have evidence that the Northwest Florida Daily has been in possession of the transcripts of State Attorney Eddins’ criminal investigator Crowder’s deposition; which revealed the unjustified bonuses. The NWFDN has refused to publish the transcripts to us, the citizens and voters of Northwest Florida, which could use that information to make educated decissions on whether or not to reelect Bill Eddins. On May 15, 2012, the Florida Bar Association published an article that stated; “Reelected without opposition were incumbent State Attorneys William Eddins in the First Circuit”  and its believed the newspaper had this information long before the April candidate qualification deadline.

Now, just three days after being asked if they were investigating Eddins’ bonus scheme, they send an apparent “Hatchet-Men” as incumbent Sheriff Larry Ashley said everybody needs, to besmirch my good name, embarrass my family and undermine the will of the voters. (See someone’s comical Youtube video of SHERIFF ASHLEY’s HATCHET-MEN COMMENT by clicking here)

Well, the Hatchet-Men gutter politics might have worked on someone who had something to loose, but there’s one small factor these folks didn’t calculate or factor in to their equation…because corruption in Okaloosa County has allowed my baby boy Joshua Caleb Lowrey to be abused, burned and then abducted by my estranged wife 19 months-ago, I have nothing to lose. Every Judge in Okaloosa County has turned their back on my abused & abducted baby, and then disqualified themselves without one good reason why, except for Judge Ginstead, who’s husband was the Assistant State Attorney that ethically ended Roberta Holloway’s false arrest ordeal. You can learn more about that at

I have and will continue to fight for the protection of all children, the elderly and conservative family values within and by the law. Everyone responsible must know by now that I will fight corruption and those who cause harm to innocent children to the gates of hell and beyond.

Okaloosa County Judges Orders of Judicial Disqualifications on Sheridan Lowrey’s Child Abuse, Kidnapping an…

Because Austin Sheridan Lowrey II has been continuously licensed since 1989 in multiple professions in Florida and Alabama, his professional licensure history over his 23 year career is a matter of public record.  So we verified two of the professional licenses he holds here in Florida and both are spotless.  [follow the links below]

(1)  Florida Real Estate Broker License verification and complaint history.

(2)  Florida Community Association Manager License verification and complaint history

Lastly, McLaughlin states: “At the recent political forum, Lowrey cited Florida Statute 30.15(h), which he said makes it illegal for residents to reject a call to volunteer to serve as a deputy.”

The Okaloosa County Sheriff has used this very law Lowrey cited to operate a non-paid “Sheriff’s Posse” for years. Sheridan Lowrey has spoken publicly many times that he intends to grow the non-paid volunteer Sheriff’s Posse much larger than it is today. Because of the presence of a huge active & retired military population, he claims Okaloosa County is uniquely blessed with many qualified citizens possessing skills that would be of assistance to the Sheriff’s Office, in areas of accounting, information technology, resource inefficiencies, communications, urban warfare, drug eradication, gang neutralization and the protection our communities, our families, our children and our elderly. Lowrey said:

The citizens of the United States don’t go to sleep at night worried about being attacked by a foreign enemy because they trust the exceptionally well-trained men and women of the military to protect them, however the same cannot be said for their local law enforcement. The citizens in the USA go to bed worrying about being attacked by drug addicts needing their next fix, violent home invasion intruders or sexual predators.

The failure to acknowledge the elite talent Okaloosa County’s military personnel and special forces soldiers can offer as cost-neutral force multipliers adding to the Sheriff’s ability to eradicate crime, should itself be a crime. Uncle Sam spends millions of dollars to train these soldiers and thousands live and/or retire here.

They have a proven track record of stepping up to do the dirty, dangerous and life-threatening jobs no one else wants to do! To reject their willingness to volunteer their time, energy and efforts to secure Okaloosa County, their very own community, is to disgrace their honorable service to all Americans.

Lowrey has never claimed he was going to use only citizens as deputies and put everyone in jail who refuses to serve. Below is the law he has referenced before, which expressly says that the Sheriff shall; “BE CONSERVATORS OF THE PEACE IN THEIR COUNTIES“, not “Law Enforcement Officers”. Come to think of it, he’s right; under our judicial system in the United States, no one with a badge can enforce the law by finding a suspect guilty of a crime; only a jury of 12 peers and/or a judge in a bench trial can do that. Thus, the only true “Law Enforcement Officers” in the United States are the citizens which serve on jury duty when summoned. Too bad the Okaloosa County Judges didn’t fulfill their jury duty when they received Caleb’s abuse and abduction case.

Florida Statue 30.15 Powers, duties, and obligations.—

(1) Sheriffs, in their respective counties, in person or by deputy, shall:

(a) Execute all process of the Supreme Court, circuit courts, county courts, and boards of county commissioners of this state, to be executed in their counties.
(b) Execute such other writs, processes, warrants, and other papers directed to them, as may come to their hands to be executed in their counties.
(c) Attend all terms of the circuit court and county court held in their counties.
(d) Execute all orders of the boards of county commissioners of their counties, for which services they shall receive such compensation, out of the county treasury, as said boards may deem proper.
(e) Be conservators of the peace in their counties.
(f) Suppress tumults, riots, and unlawful assemblies in their counties with force and strong hand when necessary.
(g) Apprehend, without warrant, any person disturbing the peace, and carry that person before the proper judicial officer, that further proceedings may be had against him or her according to law.
(h) Have authority to raise the power of the county and command any person to assist them, when necessary, in the execution of the duties of their office; and, whoever, not being physically incompetent, refuses or neglects to render such assistance, shall be punished by imprisonment in jail not exceeding 1 year, or by fine not exceeding $500.

If you have any questions for Mr. Lowrey, he’s advised us to direct readers to call him at (850) 269-2077 or via email at his website

Vote Sheridan Lowrey for Sheriff Okaloosa County

Vote Sheridan Lowrey for Sheriff Okaloosa County





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